Rosala Viking Centre

Rosala Viking Centre
The Iron Age and Viking past of the archipelago comes to life in Rosala Viking Centre, in a museum that among other things presents archeological findings from the former Örsund (Kyrksundet), the sound between Hitis and Rosala, Finland.

Reconstructed houses

Rosala Viking Centre has several reconstructed Viking Age buildings, including a chieftain's hall, dwelling, smithy, longhouse, chapel and defensive bank.


The exhibitions illustrate Viking clothes, jewellery, handicraft, trade products and much more. There are both original artifacts and reconstructions on display.

A miniature model follows the life of a Viking and presents his relationship to his gods. The diorama is illustrated by beautiful paintings of the myths.

In the auditorium there are illustrations and presentations about the Nordic mythology of the Viking age.

In the Viking village in a separate exhibition building, we present Viking weapons and warfare. Weapons include swords, small daggers, spears, axes, bows and arrows. Viking arrows have specially designed flights for every task from killing men to catching fish. You can also try on some Viking age protective garments.

Another building houses an exhibition that presents Viking Age handicraft and musical instruments. A replica of the first and only rune stone fragment found in Finland, only 10 km from the Viking Centre, can be found in this exhibition.

The fragmentary text has been interpreted as the mans name "Torfast", and one word for "may (he?) read", possibly in the context "may he read who knows runes". There is also a head and a neck of a rune animal seen in the lower left corner, which has probably been in the center of the original stone.

Café Windrose

The café welcomes all visitors from near and far, and offers souvenirs such as post cards, handicraft, Viking style jewelry and books along with cafeteria services.

Street address: 
Reimarsvägen 5, 25950 Rosala
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