Bork Vikingehavn

Bork Vikingehavn
Bork Vikingehamn is a living history museum with a reconstructed Viking Age harbour settlement. The settlement is made up of numerous reconstructed Viking buildings and ships.

Welcome to Bork Viking harbour, the place where the Viking Age comes alive.

Embark on an exciting trip a thousand years back in time and meet living history. Meet the craftsmen, the sailor and housewife, and experience their daily life in the Viking Age houses. Try some of the activities yourself, light a candle in the stave church, make your own jewelry or bake flatbread.

The boathouse lies by the harbor where ships in need of maintenance are worked on. Visit the trading ship in the harbor and be tempted by the many exciting trading commodities. Let your children play in the Viking playground.

At the Viking farm you may sit in the high seat and feel the atmosphere around the fireplace. If your stomach growls you can bake yourself some flatbread and warm yourself by the fire. Visit the housewife to hear about everyday life and the work to make attires, sails for the ships and not least food for the whole farm. Perhaps you will be set to work bringing kindling or helping with the cooking...

The large museum shop is also worth a visit. It is filled with many exciting items, all inspired by the Viking age.

Street address: 
Vikingevej 7 Sdr Bork, 6893 Hemmet
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