Jomsborg Wolin 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014 (All day) - Saturday, October 25, 2014 (All day)
Viking Market

Jomsborg Wolin

Program 2014 (sorry for the google translation)

March 21 - Welcome Spring
Vernal Equinox . The first day of spring. Feast dedicated to the birth of a new life after the cold winter . On the day of the painted Easter eggs, eggs that were a symbol of the rebirth of life. Mar. 21 day open to schools in the municipality Wolin .

April 1 - Opening of the museum
demonstrations of early crafts , food tasting former kitchen , visiting the museum

1-4 May - Archaeological Picnic
During this time, will be conducted crafts workshops covering different aspects of ancient daily life, food tasting former kitchen . The museum anyone willing can organize a picnic - picnic , combined with fun and games history.

30 May -1 June - Festival of Young Birch
Slavs celebrated the cult of young birch , representing the female element of the world. Devoted Mokoszy , queen fertility, rain, water . Striking a sprig of birches was to stimulate our vitality. On the birch bark was discharged requests to the spirits or the " White Lady " and hung them on brzózce . It is also a celebration of young greens and przyrodotwórczych ground forces.
Anyone willing can trace the ancient Slavs write wishes on the bark and hang them on the birch in the museum . Schools are invited to an interesting and unique educational program meeting the history of the Day of the Child

21-22 June Midsummer
The shortest night of the year , Midsummer Night , bonfire is a festival of fire, water , sun and moon, harvest , fertility, joy and love , celebrated in areas inhabited not only by Slavs , will be an unforgettable anyone who arrives at that time to the museum . An unusual program , procession with torches , fire theater , early music group , open competition wreaths , old rituals , workshops, crafts , tasting Slavic dishes , fun and games history

July 4-6 - Honey Harvest - the July workshop
Warsztay old crafts , including interesting crafts bee-keepers and its early medieval origins , food tasting former kitchen , including: real slices of honey bee

July 25 - July 30 - Workshop on Experimental Archaeology
During this time, will be conducted crafts workshops covering different aspects of ancient everyday life. Anyone willing will be able to participate in all the workshops. Extremely wide selection of crafts and workshops : from pottery to the dance, the production felt after molding .

August 1-3 - XX Festival of Slavs and Vikings
One of the biggest events in early medieval Europe, which involved about 1,500 people from 26 countries of the world. Presented workshops of old crafts , performances are held music and dance of the former , regattas and cruises reconstruction of old boats , staging historical events and ceremonies , and the great battle of 400 warriors

Harvest Festival August 22-24 - Workshops
Harvest festival dedicated to this year's cereal harvest and the staging of Slavic customs sacrifices in thanks for a prosperous harvest and requests for harvest the following year. With these habits come today zwyczajeświęcenia harvest wreaths . Enjoy demonstrations and workshops , and a former Slavic cuisine tasting

September 22-26 - Workshops in September
Open workshops of old crafts and customs presentation to prepare their homes for the coming winter. Smoking , drying and other early medieval methods of storing food tasting completed . Schools are invited to an interesting educational program and unique encounter with history

24-25 October - Forefathers
Feast associated with Slavic Forefathers' Eve . From time immemorial the Slavs in their households worshiped the gods of forests , water , sky and earth but the biggest honor their ancestors have always had called Forefathers' Eve.

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