Viking Route in Vestfold, Norway

Vestfold is the county in Norway boasting the most traces of our proud Viking heritage. The region between Mølen in the south and Borre in the north has many places worth visiting.

Over a distance of about 60 kilometres (40 miles) you will discover large, significant burial mounds, remains of Norway’s first town and where the most important finds from the Viking Age were made. Vestfold even has its own Viking ships, both original and replicas.

What all these Viking remains have in common is that they were found close to the Vestfold ridge, the large moraine along the coast that remained after the ice receded from our land about 10 000 years ago. As the ice retreated, people settled around the ridge, where the soil was porous and easy to cultivate. Even in those days Vestfold was a good place to live.

It was easy for the early inhabitants to make their way along the flat top of the ridge, and this is also where the first roads in Vestfold were built. These days, modern motorways have been constructed further inland. To followers of the Viking Trail, this is good news. The Trail will bring you through coastal scenery, beautiful and open cultural landscapes and roads with little traffic. You can drive a car, ride your bicycle or even hike along it.

The Viking Trail in Vestfold will give you valuable experiences, pleasant scenery, interesting culture and lots of history. Have a wonderful day out!

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